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1-2-1 Creativity Retreat


This special offer is for you when....


You are ready to prioritize your spiritual and professional growth and develop your healing gifts.


You are willing to be guided by the source of your Divine Creativity.

You are excited to explore an extraordinary experience of 1-2-1 training, healing, creativity and guidance tailored just for you.


You want to experience the magic power of Ibiza, the island of your dreams, that transforms your whole being, if you let her....

You will receive  powerful transformational tools to boost your self-love, emotional clarity, feminine power

abundance and relationships.

You would like to express your YOUNIQUENESS in your daily Life more

Through my own experiences as a trained Artist and Yogi going through burnout, breakdowns and depression.

I worked with many different teachers,healers, witches and shamans

from all over the world.

I created a method for myself to heal  deeply from the core.

I would like to share this knowledge with you...

Come and join me in Ibiza and feel the magic power of this beautiful Island


"Bee your own Medicine"

Mikki Funk

I would love to work with You!

To find out more:

Book your initial no-pressure,

30-minute discovery conversation.

I’d love to hear all about your journey and your dreams, and see if we are a match for each other on this wonderful journey of learning and transformation.

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