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Creative One Day Self Love Retreat

Treat Yourself with this wonderful possibility to go in retreat for a day.

To reset yourself,

to nourish your body and your soul

with Forrest Yoga Ceremony,

delicious food,

guided meditation and painting...

Just for you, as you deserve it!




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11-13:30 h Forrest inspired Yoga Ceremony

all levels

13:30 - 14:30 h Superfood Brunch

15 - 18 h Creation Time

    Reconnecting to your true source

   of Creativity

Forrest Yoga, (created by Ana T. Forrest) is an intensely physical and internally focused practice, a transformative experience you can take off the mat into your daily life.  The practice challenges you to access your whole being and to find and then cleanse the emotional and mental blocks that dictate and limit your life. We start the day with a Forrest Yoga inspired ceremony to connect to your spirit and guide you into a state where you connect with your true self and power. After a break with nourishing food and integration time we dive into a guided meditation and painting session to let your creative energy run free...

You will leave this day feeling refreshed, empowered and connected to your self with more clarity on how to take the next steps on your path. Don' t miss this chance!

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What others say:

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Carlijn, Artist and Worldtraveler


"The effect of the one day retreat was a lot deeper than I expected. Its a great way to connect to your true self and uncover blocks that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential.

It's a lot of fun and laughter, set in a beautiful Mongolian yurt in the middle of the Ibizan countryside, but at the same time you are working on a much deeper level. If I could, I would do this at least once a month just to keep in touch with myself and my path. It gave me the eyeopener that I needed and I think it's more effective than any regular therapy I tried!" 

19.Mai  Ibiza

2.June Ibiza

9.June Ibiza

123,- Euro

all inclusive ;)

limited space





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