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One week

Circle of Creation

We invite you to come on an adventure with us

 of Yoga Ceremony, Self Discovery, Nourishment, and Creation.

Each day has a special theme guiding you on a journey

to explore your authentic Self through Body, Art and Nature.

The Forrest Yoga Ceremony is a space, that we create together,

where Yoga is one of our tools to dive deep into our own source of creativity.
It's not only exercises for your body to keep oneself fit,

it offers also a possibility to reconnect to your Spirit and your inner guidance.
So, that your yoga practice on the mat creates ripple effects in your daily Life.
Art Medicine is another important path, that I want to share with you, as I dedicated my Life to it: being an Artist.

In this week I will guide and support you to unravel the layers, so you can connect to your inner Artist through many different creative expressions.

The magic and power of the island of Ibiza will show you unknown ways for your creativity.
Our retreat is a very exclusive gathering, as we will only have the intimate number of 6 people.
My goal is to offer an individual experience for you, that is especially tailored for your needs.
So, when you leave from Ibiza, you will come back home not only refilled, nurtured and inspired.
You will also have a blueprint for the next steps to take in your Life,
to live more that happiness, that you deserve...

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Morning Meditation, walks...

light breakfast

11-13:30 h Forrest inspired Yoga Ceremony

all levels

13:30 - 14:30 h Superfood Brunch

15 - 18 h Creation Time

    Reconnecting to your true source

   of Creativity

This one week immersion is only for those who are truly willing to take the next step. We start each day with a Forrest Yoga inspired ceremony to connect to our spirit and come into a state where we connect with our true self and power. Forrest Yoga, (created by Ana T. Forrest) is an intensely physical and internally focused practice, a transformative experience you can take off the mat into your daily life.  The practice challenges you to access your whole being and to find and then cleanse the emotional and mental blocks that dictate and limit your life. You will replace thought patterns about not being good enough with self loving beliefs. After a break with nourishing food and integration time we dive into a guided meditation and creative session. Mikki will guide us to explore our creativity through many different medias, like painting, drawing, dancing, acting....let yourself be surprised and connect to your artist self in such an authentic way, that it will transform you forever...

Themes we will work with:


   Inner Child - Divine Child

     Flow Of Feminine

     Masculine Manifestation


      Art Medicine


       Surrender to Love

21.-27.June IBIZA

From 1234,- Euro , early bird
all inclusive ;)
only 6 places





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