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Three days

Vision Quest

This is an opportunity for

a real transformation and breakthrough!

It is a journey to go deep,

connecting to your purpose and your passion.

In these three days we will investigate together through yoga ceremony, creativity and Art Medicine how we truly can live our vision.

The Nature and Magic of Ibiza will be our inspiration and support to unleash our power...

and live our mission wholehearted.

You will stay in the beautiful surrounding of

"Villa Bastet"

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Morning Meditation, walks

light breakfast

11-13:30 h Forrest inspired Yoga Ceremony

all levels

13:30 - 14:30 h Superfood Brunch

15 - 18 h Creation Time

    Reconnecting to your true source

   of Creativity

Three is the number of transformation so get ready to go on a deeper journey to connect to your purpose and passion.

We start each day with a Forrest Yoga inspired ceremony to connect to our spirit and come into a state

where we connect with our true self and power.

Forrest Yoga, (created by Ana T. Forrest) is an intensely physical and internally focused practice, a transformative experience

you can take off the mat into your daily life. 

The practice challenges you to access your whole being and to find and then cleanse the emotional and mental blocks that dictate and limit your life. You will replace thought patterns about not being good enough with self loving beliefs. After a break with nourishing food and integration time we dive into a guided meditation and creative session. Mikki will share different tools she used in her own journey that will help you to implement real change into your life.

You will let go of self hate and self harm to make space for self love and self celebration. No longer looking for outside validation but nourishing yourself from the inside out!

Take this time to make a stronger commitment to yourself. You will leave with a blueprint about how to nurture yourself in daily life and feel empowered to live your best life by sharing your greatest gifts.

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11.-13.June Ibiza

From 444,-Euro 
limited space available





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