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Awesome Photo by Zyon DeRHINO

Yoga Ceremony

Awesome Photo by Q DeRHINO

I love Forrest Yoga

I love to share with you my path of Yoga:

being a Teacher and always a Student.

Forrest Yoga is one of my basic tools

to stay balanced and healthy

in a world full of challenges.

No matter, if you have never practiced Yoga before

or if you are already for long time on this path.

The unique ways of Forrest Yoga will open

new perspectives for yourself.

This practice changed my Life deeply

and I am convinced it will help you

to change yours too...

To connect to your Body

To romance your Spirit

and to free yourself from struggle





These are the pillars,

that build the foundation of Forrest Yoga

I offer group sessions, workshops and private classes

Rachel, Activist and Yoga Teacher, New York 

Mikki Funk has a rare quality of fearlessness in spirit to her, where she unselfconsciously becomes highly present to both herself and anyone else in the room with her and therefore penetrates the walls that others build. She is not only a keen observer of the physical practice of the asana, but also communicates her observations with integrity, grace, and an incredible sense of humor. She is a unique experience as an instructor and I am privileged to call her a colleague. Aho!

Alexandra, Yoga Teacher, Germany

Mikki Funk is not just teaching yoga, she is living yoga with you!

You feel her deep love for her yoga when she's guiding you through the asanas with her beautiful voice.

Her hands-on-assists are on point and always in the right moment to get you deeper into the pose and your body.

My favorite is her guided Savasana: after that you're day starts over again!

Tonia, Yoga Teacher, Greece

Mikki Funk is a warrior woman! She is a strong and inspiring teacher.Her enthusiasm can take your practice to the next level, she can speak straight to your heart and motivates you to grow bigger. Her compassion, loving heart and healing touch creates a safe place for spiritual growth!

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