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Interactiv-biodynamic ART piece


"Bee the Masterpiece and

the Work in Progress"

Connect to

the true source of your

"Sweat your prayers" and set your intention of deep transformation with

Forrest Yoga Ceremony

"Activate your inner healer and create your Wholeness"


"Work and share your MAGIC!"

 Psychomagic Acts

Discover new ways of following your passion and of creating selfsustainability through


The Interactive ART piece is an experience one of its kind.

On one hand it is a workshop of deep transformation and creative exploration and on the other hand

it offers you the possibility to induce your growth and

create your own brand, that is YOU.

You will leave with a blueprint for your next steps

on the path of living your dream daily

and creating the ultimate Masterpiece,

which is your Life

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