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My dearest You,

It´s my honour to welcome you.

You have arrived here because you are ready to remember the biggest power inside of you:
Your Commitment to yourself is your foundation and the KEY to your evolution, happiness & success.

You can experience vibrant health, joy, intuition, creative power and boundless self-love when you heal & activate yourself.
This course is for you, whatever your age, profession or background, because you are ready to open to more healing, more love and more joy.

Each day for 21 days, you'll learn how to:

  • Live the life that reflects the truth of who you really are

  • Achieve self-knowledge and self-acceptance

  • Recognize your heart’s desire

  • Gain confidence to listen to and follow your inner guidance

  • Cultivate your soul gifts – all of those talents you’ve come to share with the world

  • Realize that self-love makes it so much easier for others to love you

  • Have less drama and fewer conflicts

  • Heal our personal suffering and the suffering of others through self-love


Start The Course: Self Love 21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem Online Video and Audio Course now and you will learn to take care of yourself on a deeper level than you’ve done before, and you will begin to see that when you truly love yourself, the world brings love and prosperity back to you.

This Exclusive Online Course Includes:


  • 21 daily emails with

  • video clips working straight with your subconsciousness to take you from self-doubt to self-love

  • Daily Audio Meditation, Exercise and Inspiration to change your perspective, and manifest true change to support you in your deepest dream and fully connect to your inner creativity on all levels

  • Tools to implement actions of true Self Love in your daily Life and create a wonderful garden of your Self Love, so that your Love will have ripple effects to all the corner of the planet....

If you are an artist, therapist, teacher, coach or parent...a traveler, a seeker, a yogi, how ever your path might bee...this course will initiate such a wonderful and tender process in you, shift your perspectives that will accelerate your healing journey, evolve your work and inspire your fire - your purpose and passion.
It is a self healing course for anybody, who tried many things already and also for those, who just feel something is going on and they want to go deeper....
By accessing and healing your Self Love in a simple, practical way:
       You will quickly create REAL POSITIVE SHIFTS in your well-being, relationships & professional life

       You will clear old wounds that were limiting your self-connection, emotional balance and physical      
       pleasure and create the most important relationship of your Life with yourself and your Spirit

       You will trust your intuitive power to guide you to your deepest purpose and live a Life of Creativity
       You will be grounded, secure and self-honouring

       You will attract the loving, supportive & inspirational relationships that you dream of.
Join me on this journey to create tangible & positive change in your life 
To create a fertile ground for your own Love towards yourself
Cultivate tenderness and awareness
We R
Yes Wow!


Welcome to the Yes Wow Training and Initiation

Enjoy the Journey back to

Your Authentic Power

and source of your own Creativity

Take Your Wow back


I am living my dream, creating my Life as an ART piece. Living between Berlin and Ibiza I have the great possibility to spend a lot of time in nature, my true inspiration for all creation and teaching.
My Life has not always been like this, I experienced burnout, breakdowns, divorce and depression...I created my own tools to change and work my Magic and through this to inspire you to do the same.
My life experience is the true foundation of my work. I have lived  everything that I teach. I know it works.
Yes Wow, baby!

Much Love, See You soon...Injoy

Stefanie, Writer, Germany

The Online Course was like having birthday and Christmas at the same time. 21 times I would be surprised. Every parcel was a real treasure. It hid wonderful pearls, many new insights that enriched my everyday life and the relationship with myself. I think it's great that people all over the world can discover these pearls for themselves. Thank you very much

Carla, Yoga Teacher, Austria

The course contains so many tools to practice more self-love every day and helped me to make it a daily practice. When I feel down, I know what to do to remind myself of what I have learned in the course. Having the different ideas and inspirational videos is a treasure.

Intro The Course

Intro The Course

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